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Press Kit

2013 Library Rededication
and New Museum Opening
(June 30, 2013)

These items have now been digitized and are available here
for download by the press and general public. *Please note that
these are hi-res files intended for use by print and broadcast media.



twentythirteensix.pdf 2013 FDR Library Rededication and New Museum Opening




artifact001.jpg Chimes of Normandy
artifact002.jpg Dutch Bible
artifact003.jpg Mrs. Roosevelt's Red Cross Uniform
artifact004.jpg Mrs. Roosevelt's Suitcase
artifact005.jpg Mrs. Roosevelt's Typewriter
artifact006.jpg FDR's Campaign Hat
artifact007.jpg FDR's Ford Phaeton
artifact008.jpg FDR's Oval Office Desk
artifact009.jpg FDR's Hobby Horse
artifact010.jpg FDR's Leg Braces
artifact011.jpg Pince-nez Spectacles
artifact012.jpg Radio Microphone
artifact013.jpg Sphinx
artifact014.jpg Mrs. Roosevelt's Tiger Claw Jewelry
artifact015.jpg Torah


Confront the Issues


Contractor – Info Sheets




document001.pdf Baptismal Certificate
document002.pdf Groton School Report Card
document003.pdf Page 1, Reading Copy, First Inaugural Address
document004.pdf Duncan Major to Louis Howe, Report on CCC
document005.pdf Statement upon Signing the Social Security Bill
document006.pdf Mrs. Roosevelt to Mrs. Henry M. Robert, Jr.
document007.pdf Einstein Letter to FDR Regarding Atomic Bomb
document008.pdf Bedside Note, Franklin Roosevelt
document009.pdf Draft No. 1 of War Message to Congress
document010.pdf Fala Fan Mail Letter and Photo
document011.pdf Message to Churchill on Mussolini’s Fall
document012.pdf UN Organization Sketch by Franklin Roosevelt
document013.pdf Message from Eisenhower to Marshall
document014.pdf American Flag is Raised on Mt. Suribachi
document015.pdf Draft of Preamble UDHR with Mrs. Roosevelt’s Revisions
document016.pdf Draft letter, Eleanor Roosevelt to Harry S. Truman



photograph001.jpg FDR, Last Photograph
photograph002.jpg The Roosevelt Family
photograph003.jpg The Roosevelts, Whistle Stop
photograph004.jpg Library Dedication
photograph005.jpg Fireside Chat
photograph006.jpg FDR and Fala
photograph007.jpg Mrs. Roosevelt with Wounded Soldier
photograph008.jpg Urban Evictions
photograph009.jpg FDR, CCC Camp
photograph010.jpg FDR, Oval Office with Military Men
photograph011.jpg Mrs. Roosevelt on the Tarmac at LaGuardia
photograph012.jpg Mrs. Roosevelt, Universal Declaration of Human Rights
photograph013.jpg Mrs. Roosevelt in Washington, DC, Striding
photograph014.jpg FDR in Wheelchair
photograph015.jpg FDR Fishing in Warm Springs, Braces
photograph016.jpg FDR’s Funeral, Hyde Park, NY
photograph017.jpg USS Arizona Sinks

Press Releases

twentythirteensix.pdf 2013 FDR Library Rededication and New Museum Opening
twentythirteenthree.pdf MediaAlert: 100 Days Countdown

Teaser Video

teaservideo.mp4 (for download)



disability.silent.mp4 (for download)

er.television.mp4 (for download)

library.dedication.mp4 (for download)